Name Unknown
Aliases Hero
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Relatives Hero's Father, Hero's Mother
Hometown Hero's Tent at Hermit's Island

The Hero (called MAIN CHARACTER in the game's ending rollover) is the unnamed protagonist of the iOS game Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas.


The hero is a brown haired boy, looking for his lost father.


Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted SeasEdit


The hero gains various abilities throughout the game. Some are equipment based, while some can be used without equipment. Such as spells.


Experience levelsEdit

Main article: Adventurer Level


Honey questEdit

Airboat questEdit

In order to build an airboat, Hermit asks the Hero to bring him four items:

  • A stool (can be found near the door of the Hermit's Hut)
  • A travel bed (can be found near the Hero's Tent)
  • A burning firebowl (can be found to the south of the spot where Hermit stands, but requires Trencher Boots to get)
  • A weather cuckoo (can be found on the roof of the Meeto's house in Tikarel Town).

Bloodstone sidequestEdit



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